From the recording Amen (So Be It)

Words and Music by Bob Koch and Jonathan J. Clark
All musical elements composed and played by Jonathan J. Clark
Drums and Percussion by Richard Mangicaro
Background Vocals - Christi Clark, Jonathan J. Clark, Richard Mangicaro, Bob Koch


When I feel lost
When I have fear
I have a choice
And it leads me here

To an open door
With a light inside
When I walk in
I’ve arrived, and I say

Amen, I say
Amen, I say
So be it, Amen

On this journey
I catch myself
Looking behind
To somewhere else

But if I look ahead
Bless bumps in the road
And don’t carry em with me
That’s a better way home

So many things
Outside of our control
Can’t be another way
Just accept and say

The sun comes up
A new day begins
Another chance
To try again
I’m gonna try again

And say
Amen, I say
Amen, I say