From the recording Politics and Religion

Words and Music by Bob Koch
Produced by Jonathan J. Clark
Bob Koch - guitar, vocals
Jonathan J. Clark - Piano, Banjo, Ukulele, Bass


Last night when I called
It took you by surprise
Can’t recall the last time
We looked each in the eye
Just called to say hello
So nice to hear your voice
Things don’t seem to change much
Pick up where we left off

Your roots grew in a southern state
Moved just two doors down
Your mom liked to call your dad mister
I always thought that odd
Too many differences to count
But friends with no condition
Guess it’s best we never talked about
Like politics and religion

I remember all the girls
You knew how to talk em up
It was good some like the silent type
Or I’d been out of luck
You were tough as nails not like me
You liked to pick a fight
But I always saw the soft spot
That you kept quiet

We were lucky not to fight in no wars
But fought in fields
Meant for growing up
Ran together in this small town
You trying to find trouble
Me keeping my head down

There’re miles that lie between
And some distance in our words
But when came down to you and I
The lines were always blurred
I didn’t like you much
That summer day we met
But as fast as that day went by
You had my back
And I had yours

So lets just keep it simple
Before we have to go
As the world trys to divide
Even brothers vulenerable
Lets not get caught up
With all the crap on television
Facts get lost
When crowded by opinion

So let’s not risk talking about
Politics and religion.