Great songwriting can open our minds and touch our souls. In four minutes or less, a great song can transform us to believe we can overcome, we can dream, and there are endless possibilities. Our emotions are provoked, and our spirit is awoken. The music draws us to the lyrics and the lyrics to the music. A great song provides the narrative to our own personal stories and it transcends the writer's meaning, making it so much larger than a verse, chorus or bridge. It never gets old and its meaning evolves with time.   


Somewhat out of necessity, several years ago I began spending a lot of time writing and recording songs.  I had little to no knowledge of music except some chords and a bit of music theory I learned from a year of piano lessons.  My only experience at this time was from listening to all the songwriters who spoke to me.  My lack of skill and timing was totally acceptable in the four walls of my apartment. My writing became somewhat of an obsession. I had isolated myself a bit and my music became a trusted companion, a sanctuary that I could rely on to find presence, quiet the mind and channel whatever was being provided.  All I had to do is pay attention and have the audacity to believe in the simplicity of “three chords and the truth”. That’s pretty much all I had. 


The universe is a strange, beautiful place. One day a neighbor introduced himself and asked if I was a musician. He seemed to come out of thin air and I didn’t completely know how to answer his question.  He played guitar as a solo artist and also performed in bands.  We started playing guitar together, working on his arrangements of covers and some of his and my original songs.  He was relentless in stressing I was a songwriter. We had a few gigs and to my surprise and apprehension, my songs had escaped the safety of my living room. 


Over the years my cousin, who is an accomplished professional musician, has been a major source of encouragement for me to improve my technical skills and to explore what he thought was a natural songwriting ability. This all led to me asking him to produce a video for one of my songs (Election Day).   To my delight, he said yes. Drums, percussion and piano were added to my vocal and guitar tracks. He asked his friend and colleague, who is also an amazing musician and producer, to help mix and master the song.  A bass track was added.  Beyond my wildest expectation, the song was transformed. 


Now, years after first putting pen to paper, I feel like I’m just getting started. I am in pursuit of that one elusive great song. I think it’s a journey with no destination. I just know I don’t want to stop trying to find it because it is out there.  It’s in the ether waiting to be channeled. I think even the great songwriters keep searching and I hope I beat them to mine.  


"This Heart Of Mine" is a collaboration with my cousin and the producer who helped with Election Day. I am humbled to work with these two incredibly talented musicians. Both are my teachers and my brothers. I hope the album will be the first of many.  I have been blessed with the support, encouragement and inspiration from family, friends and a beautiful, loving woman. Thank you all.


I am now quite happy to share my songs with whoever this website reaches.  I hope you hit “play” and I hope you enjoy. 



Bob Koch