1. Empty Branches

From the recording This Heart Of Mine

Bob Koch - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Jonathan Clark - Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Baritone Guitar, Background Vocals
Rich Mangicaro - Drums, Percussion, Piano, Background Vocals
Christi Clark - Background Vocals


Sammy was a quiet man
Just like April’s type
They met on a cold damp winter day
Married under stars on a warm September night
Sammy worked with his two hands
April an odd job or two
Money was always tight
Lived week to week in a one bed motel room


You have me, I have you too
Let’s bury what makes us broken in our rear view
With you I’m lost in the clouds
Gone are all my doubts
We’ll figure it out

First son was a bit of a surprise
Second way past due
One would take granddaddy’s name
Not blood but the father April never knew

The system would be Sammy’s home
From the age of two
Empty branches on a family tree
So the second son would be a Sammy too


I can’t say I know myself
Cuz what’s running in my veins makes me blind
I don’t know if I’ll find myself
But I come closet when I see my reflection in your eyes

Time goes by and when it hits you
It’s like your stuck holding a bag
For years and years spent wondering
When you’d wake to things you wish you would have had

And now we’re fading into night
But you still light up my days
I hear our first son’s little baby cry
Empty branches grown into full bloom