1. Up To You

From the recording This Heart Of Mine

Bob Koch - Guitar, Vocals
Jonathan Clark - Banjo, Bass, Guitar, Background Vocals
Rich Mangicaro - Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Christi Clark - Background Vocals


It seems every day there are choices to make many things to decide
I’m beginning to think it’s better to just go along for the ride
If you are willing to meet in the middle I’ll be so obliged
If you’re up to the task I’m ready ask and give this a try

It’s easy to get caught in thinking there’s only one way to go
When you arrive it’s easy to see how little you know
So if I give you the keys and leave this all be will you lead me on home
There’s a light shining bright a friend in the night this weights off my bones


I’m leaving it up to you
I’m leaving it up to you
Will you open my eyes to things I never knew
I’m leaving it up to you

Just once I want to breathe
So deep so light I’m floating on air
And like a feather I slowly fall to your feet
And this weight it’s off of me

The time that we have the ego expands a need to control
But to look through the eyes of another is easy as letting go
So just for this moment in you I entrust help me to see
I’ll take back the ball when your weary for now I’m free to…