1. One Seat Away

From the recording This Heart Of Mine

Bob Koch – Vocals
Jonathan Clark - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Rich Mangicaro - Drums, Percussion
Christi Clark - Background Vocals


I boarded a plane
Like any old day
I took my seat, headed home
I started to read

Excuse me sir
But if you don’t mind
I don’t fly too often the window
Let’s me look outside

She looked my way
I was out of her league
But tonight with some luck
The seat that’s between may stay free


She was one seat away
Just one seat away
Might as well be an ocean today
One seat away
Just one seat away
Maybe some other time, not for me to say

She told me her name
I got lost in her eyes
It’s like I been there before
Need some courage to walk through the door

We talked till we landed
The hours went fast
She asked about my book
She said maybe that’s why we had met


Just like that a broken heart finds its beat again

We walked off the plane
I hoped for a sign
So nice to meet you, I wish you the best
The pleasures all mine

Went on our way
But as she walked down the stairs
She looked back I followed her
I took a chance holding my breath