From the recording This Heart Of Mine

Bob Koch - Guitar, Vocals
Jonathan Clark - Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele, Keyboards, Harmonica
Rich Mangicaro - Drums, Percussion


He arrived at Ellis Island
With a wife and a heart of fire
Some loose change in his pocket
Hopes were running wild
He had the courage to leave his homeland
On a young man’s dreams he’d ride
Worth all the risk and sacrifice
Trying to make a better life

He deeply loved his woman
And soon the kids would come
Didn’t speak the language
Workday never done
As a boy I remember
All the time we’d share
I would listen to this old man
Broken English from his chair
The years went by
He’d tell me with a smile
Memories fade with time
But it won’t change this heart of mine

I never gave in boy
I didn’t stop trying
I listened every single day
To this heart of mine
Though the body may break down
There’s still some precious time
And it’s still beating like the day I was born
This heart of mine

I never could tell
He never did say
If all his dreams came true
but tomorrow’s another day
Best to forget
What slips out of your hand
See a mountain
In every grain of sand

So when I feel the thunder
Get caught in the rain
I sometimes hear his voice
Brightens up my way
Cuz the years just keep on flying by
Scary where they go
What I took for granted
I now want a little more
But I won’t get caught
I’m a witness, I’ve been taught
That memories fade with time
But it won’t change this heart of mine