From the recording Meet Me Downtown

Music and lyrics by Bob Koch. Produced by Jonathan Clark. Co-produced by Rich Mangicaro and Bob Koch.

Bob Koch - Guitar, vocal
Jonathan Clark - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Orchestration (Flute & Clarinet), Vocals
Rich Mangicaro - Drums, Percussion


I had a day I’ll tell you
That I’d rather forget
Trying to get it right
But I can’t get ahead

Got to get away before
I say what I’ll regret
Will you join me honey?
Don’t make me wait

Now and then a day is
Meant for writing off (best to just write off)
I’ve gotten to the point
Where enough is enough
Let’s get lost in a crowd
C’mon and meet me downtown

I tripped over the dog
Knocked my coffee to the floor
Running late forget the keys
Locked outside the door

I’m rushing around
Trying to get thru the day
So much to get done
And it don’t ever change

Ain’t nothing tragic
Can’t complain
but I’ll leave it till tomorrow
if it’s just the same
Let’s get lost in a crowd
C’mon meet me downtown

Need a dose of the evening sky
Music playing, people laughing, all night
Wanna see our shadows
Dancing in the moonlight